Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Westminster Cathedral

We hopped on a bus that was to take us to Westminster Abbey.  I was diligently watching the bus stops as they came up on the electronic notice board on the bus, but I was not paying enough attention to particulars and assumed that Westminster Cathedral meant Westminster Abbey.  Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!  However, as so often happens when I get lost in London, it turned out to be an interesting sidestep.
  Westminster Cathedral is the mother church for the Catholic church in England and Wales.
 The Cathedral is a youngster as far as London buildings go as it was completed in 1903.

 The unusual striped brickwork is considered to be neo-Byzantine.  Certainly does look Middle Eastern.

 The apartment block across the road mirrors the stripes for a matching view.

 Lots of decorative carvings along the front of the cathedral.

Looking away from the cathedral, you see some very modern buildings.  The curved roof line softens the harshness of glass and steel.
After gawking at the cathedral, we consulted our maps , made a few more wrong turns and ended up back on the bus heading for the Abbey.

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  1. The best things in life often happen by accident - an interesting detour for you. One of these days I too shall make a trip to Westminster Abbey - its on the list.
    We had some interesting experiences in Sweden this summer where you cannot actually buy a ticket on the bus - this system is made more complicated by our inability to speak swedish. Bizarre