Sunday, August 18, 2013

Buckingham Palace

  When we arrived at Buckingham Palace, I was again reminded that I don't find it a very attractive building. To me it looks like a courthouse or some other similar institution, but I suppose a palace isn't necessarily supposed to look inviting.  The geraniums were nice, though.

 The Victoria Memorial Monument stands in front of the palace.  I find it has a little too much gold for my taste - dare I say tacky?

 Old school security.
 Modern security.
Both patrol at the palace.  My son tells me that the red coated guards are highly trained and that I should not be deceived by their quaint uniform.

 An impressive crest on a gate.

 After I got home, I found out that this gate is called the Canada gate.  Behind the gate, is Green park with its wonderful big trees.

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