Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arches and Monuments - London,UK

As we left Hyde Park, we came across this stone gate.  It is not Marble Arch although it is in the approximate location of Marble Arch.  I haven't been able to identify it, so... we'll just call it an impressive stone gate.

Hyde Park narrows to a point and joins the top end of Green Park, a much smaller park.  This is the Wellington Arch.  I just love all the wonderful sculpture and carving in London.

 Too bad the sculpture is so high up that it's hard to see the details.  Impressive, though.

 This is the green iron gate of the Wellington Arch. So much movement to the lower part in contrast to the fixed pattern of the circle. I  wonder why the lion is looking over his shoulder.

The carving on the pillars of the monument are so fine that they look like they were cut out of paper.

This is the Duke of Wellington Monument. Beautifully done.  I really like the alert expression on the horse.  The tree in front of the sculpture has grown over the years and now the horse's nose is almost in the leaves so that he looks ready to have a bit to eat.
Next stop, Buckingham palace.


  1. Your photos are lovely and have me looking forward to a trip I'm planning for next spring. We're booked on a cruise to Europe and with our schedule will have a full day in London before we fly home.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a nice tour of the parks. I like the unicorn and also wonder why the lion is looking over his shoulder. With a crown on his head, history speaks of watching your back if you wear the crown! A beautiful day, too. Thanks for taking us along.