Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Abbey at Last

 When we finally arrived at Westminster Abbey, it looked lovely with the warm evening sun shining on it.
Benedictine Monks had a community on this site in the 10th Century beginning a tradition of daily prayers that continues until today.  It has been the Coronation church since 1066 and the present church was built by Henry III in the 13th Century.
During WW2, it sustained some repairable damage and it lost a lot of its stained glass windows due to the force of the bomb blasts.
 A view of one of the side walls.

 Incredible doorways that just draw you in.

 Entrance on the side.  If you go on a tour, this is the side you line up on.  The line-ups can be very, very long.  November might be a good time to try to get inside, rather than the tourist season in August.  More about that later.

And looking way, way up.
Next time, some details of the Abbey.  There is so much photo material here that you could seriously wear out your camera.
As you can see, we had fabulous weather, too.  About 22C with sun and a breeze.

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