Monday, July 23, 2012

St. Lawrence Seaway

 I was in Cornwall this morning and took some pictures at the park that runs along beside the St. Lawrence Seaway.  Cornwall used to be a pulp and paper town with the accompanying sulfurous air, but that industry has shut down so the air is just fine now.  The city was very forward thinking and many years ago bought up the shoreland on the south end of the city.  Today there is a very pleasant park with a playground for the children, a lilac garden that smells wonderful in June, and a very large area of  grass and trees.  As well, a bike path goes for miles  beside the water giving bikers, hikers and old folks on scooters a really nice spot to get out for some exercise. 
 The bridge joins Cornwall with Cornwall Island, a native reservation which is in part in Canada and in part in the US.  The bridge continues on from the island to the US.  From a distance the bridge doesn't look very big but it is actually  very high . The close-up gives an idea of scale.  In the top photo, the cars would be about as tall as the dark line.
 Usually there are several motorboats on the water, but this morning I only saw this one.  The river is not as polluted as it was thirty or forty years ago, but there are still concerns about mercury in the fish so it's not a good idea to eat too much of the perch that people catch .  Some people swim in the river, but that's still a bit of an iffy proposition in terms of bacterial pollution.  Too bad.  It looks so inviting.  Efforts are still being made to clean up the river so that's encouraging.

Some geese feeding near the some buoys.

The willows are so lush by the water.


  1. A nice visit to the kind of place we never get to hear about except in blogposts - and super photos too.

  2. I hope they clean up the pollution soon. It is a beautiful spot and a shame that it is still polluted.