Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birds in the Shade

 It was hot and breezy when I took these pictures.  The seagulls were resting in little patches of shade made by the trees in the park.  This guy is facing downwind so the air is ruffling his feathers - I would imagine it felt pretty nice.

 Not sure why one of these gulls is striking such a funny pose.

 The grass is very dry from the drought we've been having.  We are starting to get a bit of rain and the daytime temperatures aren't as hot so the grass will probably green up fairly soon.

Some of the ducks were up on the grass, too.  Maybe they were catching some insects.  I really like ducks - they are such friendly looking birds.


  1. I really like ducks too. They aren't as elegant as gulls but, as you said, they are such friendly birds.

  2. I kinda like gulls. I think they get a bad name cuz they sure have big characters!