Sunday, July 29, 2012

Elecampane, Thistle, Joe-pye Weed,Purple Loosestrife

 I haven't seen elecampane other years, but this year I've seen several of them in the neighbourhood.  It's a strong, attractive plant and I think I'll try to get some seeds in the fall to plant at our place.

 I like the big swirly leaves.

 Joe-pye weed is sold at plant nurseries but the domesticated varieties aren't much different than the wild plants.  The butterflies like the clusters of little flowers.

I like the dark stems and fluffy old-rose flowers.

A very spiky thistle - why did the Scots want such a painful flower to be their favourite flower?

 Purple Loosestrife growing in the tall reeds. I know the Purple Loosestrife is invasive but it is still pretty to see
in the ditches.  Anyway, it'll have a fight on its hands with the reeds.


  1. Joe-pye Weed is one of my favourites. It used to grow wild on a part of my land that was very wet, but it has been too dry these last couple of summers and I haven't seen it for a while. I am surprised that Purple Loosestrife is also called Fireweed. I didn't think they were the same plant. Great pics!

    1. You're right ! It's Purple Loosestrife , not fireweed. I'll go correct that. Thanks.