Sunday, July 15, 2012


These roses bloomed last month but I never posted the pictures.  A superduper classic red rose with lots of spicy fragrance - Chrysler Imperial.  It does need winter protection but I've had this one for about 10 years so it's pretty tough.  Well worth the effort.

 This one I got when Spring Garden used to offer its rose bundles - for a good price you got 3 roses of their choice.  I got it one year with the Chrysler Imperial.  I don't remember its name but it has a lovely subtle peachy yellow colour and it actually smells like tea.

This rose if affected by the heat and the flowers droop in hot weather, but the colour is so beautiful. Don't remember its name either, perhaps Helene Faubert.

 This is the rugosa, Blanc Double de Coubert.  Extra hardy - no winter protection, blooms well and has a powerful, fresh scent.  A bit prone to bugs eating it.
I have a couple of Explorer roses which are very hardy, but I have found them disappointing.  The flower form is boring , they have basically no scent and they don't bloom particularly well for me.  I would prefer to get something more attractive that has some fragrance even if I need to mulch for winter. 


  1. My garden looks very sad right now because of the drought. It is a treat to see these photos of your wonderful roses.