Sunday, February 11, 2018

Some Science and Tech

 We spent a few enjoyable hours the other day at the newly renovated Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. This is a lovely sleigh - it must have zipped over the packed snow. The old skies in the foreground reminded my husband and I of skis that we used when we were kids. I guess we'll be an exhibit soon!
 I really like this woodstove.  It's not a style that I am familiar with as most of the woodstoves used in Quebec and Ontario double as cookstoves and are much boxier with a large cooking surface.
 The museum has some well maintained steam trains.
 The cab of this one was protected by glass but on another train they had modified it so it was kid friendly and it was proving to be much fun for young and old alike.
 These runged steps look like they could be really treacherous in the winter.

Any Canadian of a certain age will recognize the Canadian Pacific maroon colour and gold lettering.

This is a Canadian National engine. Those two railways were the backbone of the country's economy - they still are incredibly important. Now they have expanded into the US and are usually just referred to as CN and CP . Both companies used to carry passengers as well as freight but first CP and then CN got rid of the passenger business. Via Rail was born for passenger traffic and it uses primarily CN tracks. I like trains, and when I travel to the Toronto area on my own, I always take the train.

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  1. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. You have some lovely photos here on your whole blog, I love the old train. I would like to see that museum! Looks so amazing!