Thursday, February 8, 2018

Just a Perfect Winter Day

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We have such distinct seasons here in Eastern Ontario.  For every season, I have criteria for what makes a perfect day for that season.  Today was a perfect winter day. The sky was brilliant blue, the air was calm, the snow was fresh and sparkly, and the temperature was just cold enough to feel fresh .
I spent about an hour enjoyably clearing snow off steps, paths and vehicles. It occurred to me that winter activity can make me feel much like I do after swimming in a cold lake. I feel tired from the exercise but refreshed at the same time.

Our little storage shed is gradually getting buried. Some meteorologists had forcast a snowy winter. They were right.

 You can see how the bright snow is too much for the camera.
The hemlocks still have snowy branches which makes them look pretty. And a few icicles glisten in the sun.

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