Saturday, June 3, 2017

For the Hummingbird

 I heard a hummingbird whizz by the other day so I thought I would buy some flowers specifically for it. Red salvia is a favourite for hummingbirds and the nicotiana is also something they will feed from.
The regular impatiens are still not being widely sold but the New Guinea ones with their big blooms are available. We'll see if the hummingbird likes it.
This  collection of plants  includes calabrachoa and purple petunias both of which are hummingbird friendly.
Finally, I bought Prairie Dusk Penstemon.  It hasn't opened yet but the tubular flowers will keep going most of the summer.  It is a perennial and I hope it will survive the winter.
So hopefully I will see the little hummer again and it will enjoy some of the flowers.

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