Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ecomuseum -2

 The Ecomuseum has a really nice set-up for the water birds. A flowing stream and lots of native plants and rocks makes the birds feel really at home. The area is fenced in and has netting about 20' overhead, but you are able to access it through a doorway, and so you can wander around near the birds. This kingfisher didn't mind us at all.  He was just intend on the water below, hoping for a minnow, I suppose.

I think this is a turkey vulture.  He just came strutting up the stairs and marched by, turning right along the walkway. He had the funniest goose-stepping walk.  He was out of sight before I could get a good picture of him.

 Inside the main building of the zoo, aquariums housed some of the reptiles.  This is a blue-spotted salamander that grows to about 8 -10 " long.  We see them occasionally near our home.  He is really a dark blue even though the photo shows him as black.
More ducks next time.

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