Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lots of Snow

  The weather hasn't been terribly cold but we are getting lots of snow. Even with some meltdown, the snow is  at least a foot deep.  More snow is expected to come this week.  Today is bright and the snow is sparkling.

The snow on the surface is very flaky this morning.  I know, snow is made up of snowflakes, but I mean the snowflakes are very flat and flaky without the classical snow crystals. I tried to capture it with a photo but no luck.  I find snow very hard to photograph.

The hemlock branch is weighed down with wet snow that froze as the temperature dropped.  Quite a few people lost their power because of branches leaning on the power lines.  We were fortunate and only were out for an hour, but others were powerless for a day.  We have a propane heater so even with no power we have heat.  We always have extra water in the house so it's not a big deal if the power is off. Inconvenient, but not difficult.

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