Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I'm still practicing watercolour painting.  I challenged myself a couple of days ago to do one based on a nice photo of my horse's head, but alas my drawing ineptitude was all too evident.  Just couldn't get his eye properly placed and if that's not right the whole thing looks wonky. I also followed a video by the frugalcrafter on doing a human eye.  That was very instructive and I think I managed the colour not too badly on the practice effort, but again the drawing...sigh.  So today, I decided to just slop some paint around and enjoy the colours.
I hope your winter hasn't been too stormy.  We are getting pretty benign weather which I'm thankful for. Mulling over if I will start any plants and, if so, which ones. Perhaps some basil to start with as it does well in the low light.


  1. I have discovered watercolour pencils and thoroughly enjoying the creative process. I feel better when I am creating something every day! there is a site called art tutor which has some awesome free tutorials, also paid ones. they have one on an eye :)

  2. I am enjoying hour progress on the watercolors. I am thinking I will start soon on some too. I also did a horse and got too fixated on making it look exactly like a photograph! Watercolor is about feeling I guess.