Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Voyageur Provincial Park

 We decided to have a picnic at a nearby provincial park on the shore of the Ottawa River.  It was quite windy and the waves lapping the shore made a pleasant beachy sound. There is a sandy beach in another part of the park with some roped off swimming areas. But it was quite chilly when we were there so we didn't go into the water.
 The park is on the Ontario side.  The blue hills in the distance are in Quebec.
In the early 1960's, a hydroelectric dam was built downstream which widened this part of the river and formed some shallower inlets of water.  The park is situated on one of the inlets where the current isn't as strong as in the middle of the river.

 We started on a nature trail through the forested part of the park.  The remains of an old stone fence mark the beginning of the trail.
We hadn't gone too far though when we were stopped by a large puddle with no easy way around it.  We had a very dry spring and summer, but during the last two weeks we have had about 7" of rain . Oh well, we can come back on a drier day and do the walk in the woods.


  1. Nice spot for a picnic, pity your walk was so rudely terminated.

  2. Great picnic spot with stunning views!

  3. Nice trip. I love the water and rocks, both.