Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fair Day

 We recently went to the Williamstown Fair and, as always, there was lots to see.  This handsome fellow is a Royal Palm turkey.  He was very full of himself and spent the whole time strutting around crowing. 
 A couple of sweet ponies wait to give rides to the wee-ones.  Perhaps that's a rider to the right of the photo.
A woman weaves a beautiful fine piece of cloth.
 Ponies lined up for the final judging of their class.
 I was pleased to see that our township is equipped to handle just about any emergency.  This off-road vehicle has a stretcher, a chainsaw, rope, a generator, and who knows what else.
 It was a beautiful sunny day, just right for people of all ages.
This team of oxen comes from Upper Canada Village, a  historical recreation of a town from the 1800's. Someone always wants to chat with the friendly driver.
A Clydesdale watching the people go by. 
 The dog agility class is always lots of fun to watch especially when the puppies are giving it a go.  This young dog is doing well going through the tire but...
then he saw a grasshopper, and it was game over.
The fair had lots more to see and do: a variety of food vendors, cow show, petting zoo, Western horse show, craft and baking exhibits, art and photography exhibits, chili bake-off, vegetable and flowers classes, music, beach volley-ball, old steam machinery.  The list just goes on and on.  A fabulous feat of organizing by a dedicated group of volunteers.

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