Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Joy of a Brook

 I wish you could have heard the song of the brook, and smelt its freshness, and experienced the beauty of the clear, crisp water. It was such a treat to spend time near this stream.

 The froth is  just clean water mixed with clean air. So refreshing.

Someone has a tree house right by the bank. What a wonderful spot !

The trail leading by the stream is an old railway bed that is now used as a walking, biking trail in the summer, and a skiing trail in the winter.

A bridge further upstream crosses water that is tranquil. View to the west.

 View to the east.

 Yet another bridge as this is a very windy stream.  A little pond has been formed here as someone has made a small rock dam to slow the flow a little.

 How could you not want to splash in that pond?
 The water is so clear that the gravelly rocks on the bottom pick up a yellow tone from the sunlight.

 As you can see , this bridge sits in quite a dip.  Years ago, a railway trestle  bridged the two high points. Occasionally when we were kids, we crossed over it even though the decking was gone.  I found it scary to cross it with the water rushing by below.
I am hoping to walk this trail later in the fall when the leaves have turned colour.  It should be really nice then, too.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the brook. Such a joy to spend some time near a stream on a hot summerday!