Monday, July 4, 2016

Sunny Days

 We've been having a very dry summer that is challenging for the farmers and gardeners, but I am focusing on enjoying the sunny days . I don't think me wringing my hands will make it rain so I am going to soak up the rays and appreciate the lack of mosquitoes.  Winter will be here soon enough.
 I have been watering the vegetables and the annual flowers as needed, and they are growing well in the sunshine and warmth. When I weed, I use the pulled-out weeds as a mulch around the veggies.
One thing about getting older is that you have more memories to draw from: "I remember the summer of 19___ when the wells were running dry."  We've always had erratic weather, and somehow we manage.  I was reminded yesterday of 1816, the year summer  didn't happen.  Because a large volcano had erupted and put tons of ash into the atmosphere, many parts of the world had no real summer weather that year.  In Ontario, a significant frost occurred in every month right through summer..


  1. Jenny your photos look so sunny. I read you have a dry summer, here we have an awful wet summer, so I love to see these sunny pictures of your garden. Yes, the older we are the more memories we have, sad I like to look to the future but I'm
    Regards, Janneke

  2. Beautiful Jenny. I love this yellow flower. We are as dry here, also. A change has come, again.