Friday, July 8, 2016

The Big Rock

Near my mother's home in Morin Heights is a big rocky outcropping that, as kids, we aptly named The Big Rock. It made a great place for a picnic.
 It is possible to climb the face of it as it has little ledges that act as steps.

Lichens and mosses grow on the rough rock.

This moss, which grows 1-2 inches high, looks like miniature fir trees.

At the top of the outcropping, two big humps of rock stick out, with a flat mossy section in the middle.  It's a good place to have a sit down and enjoy the setting. Sitting on a great hunk of stone is always good for the soul.

 A wooded trail that gradually ascends from the back to the top of the rock provides an easier way to access the view. This photo makes the rock look quite short, but the first photo looking down gives a better perspective of the height of it.

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