Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Welcome Home

 I saw at least two pairs of robins in our yard yesterday.  I like the way this one has his head cocked listening for worms.
 He really seems to be concentrating.
 And finally, the prize, a worm in his beak.
Today, a robin flew out of Pepper's run-in shed so I am assuming that a nest will be built there as one was last summer.  Perhaps, it is the same pair of birds.
I saw a white-crowned sparrow, and a brown creeper this morning very near the house.  The sparrow was scratching up the leaves, and the creeper was finding bugs on the trees as he spiraled up and down the tree trunks.  The nuthatches and woodpeckers are also cleaning up the trees, pecking out the bugs.
I am trying to learn to identify more bird songs.  I have been using the Cornell University bird site which  has lots of audio of the bird songs.
The chipmunks are so sweet.  We have a few running around, and they often just stop and stare at you as you walk by.  They aren't very nervous, at all.  This one is enjoying the sun in the late afternoon. I don't think they ate any of my crocus bulbs last fall, so they are definitely in my good books.

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  1. Isn't it fun to see nature wake up? The bird song is the best. I found several sites tio identify birds with their songs, but I thinkk Cornell is excellent, also.