Monday, April 4, 2016

Starter Plants

This is a collection of some of the plants  I've started on the windowsills.  Last year I started quite a few flowers but this year I scaled back focusing on tomatoes and lettuce. I did pot up some sweet peas so I'll have a few to bloom early.  The rest of the sweet peas I will sow outside in May. In the front of the photo is some lime basil which I really like.  It is smaller than regular basil but has a truly refreshing lime flavor to it.  A small pot of onions is coming along.  I never have much success with onions but I keep trying anyway.  I'll transplant the seedlings soon. I have three types of tomato :  a yellow cherry (Ildi), a modern hybrid midsize (Celebrity) and a heirloom beefsteak (Marmade).
I like to start my own tomatoes in individual pots because it minimizes transplant shock when I put them outside. I harden them off for a week or so before planting, and then they are ready to go.

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  1. Your plants on the window sill look good. I have only just started sowing in my unheated greenhouse and ohh I am so unpatient...