Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Purple Finches

 The purple finches tended to show up in the afternoon rather than the morning.  They are nervous so I had to take the photos from quite a distance away, but you can still see the lovely raspberry red colouring on them even though the picture is a bit blurry.
The UN of the birds.

The female purple finch, at the bottom of the photo, is a dull brown with distinct stripes.  She blends in very well with the trees.

The birds have quite a range in the amount of red on their breasts.  The lower bird doesn't have much at all.
The red colouring extends to the back of this bird as well, and even his tail feathers are tinted with a bit of red.
I'm so glad they came around this year and hopefully they will remember and come back next spring, too.

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