Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lett-uce Say Goodbye to Winter

 It suddenly feels like winter is over.  Oh, there will probably be another snowstorm or two in March and April, but the dark, cold days are done. 
The lettuces I planted in January have been doing their best to grow in challenging conditions, and some of the leaves are big enough to warrant picking.
Not enough for a salad, but a little nibble of freshness is a treat. 
A big flock of goldfinches has been frequenting our bird feeders, and yesterday I spotted a purple finch in among them.  This morning I saw two purple finches and heard them singing a lovely spring song.  Yesterday, I also saw a group of 4 robins.  Perhaps they never went south, or they were early birds in the northern migration.
We don't have a lot of snow, so the snowdrops should be visible soon.
Yeah, for spring!


  1. I really enjoy your blog. We also have some goldfinches here. Hope spring is coming soon!

  2. Our snowdrops are just about finished now, just as the weather has decided to get colder than it's been all winter. Crazy climate.