Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Sound From Here

It is mild today and I thought I would try to get some photos of the finches. Unfortunately, they are very skittish, and I had to resort to taking pictures from the doorway of the house which is quite a distance from the feeders.  Hence, the fuzzy photos. I was happy to see that a male and female purple finch were at the feeder.

 I like the head-on view of the goldfinch highest on the line.

The finches queue up on the line waiting a chance to get some seeds.  We have been putting out black sunflower seeds, and although it is often suggested to feed them Niger seed, they are pigging out on the sunflower seeds.
 All the movement, swings the line and the feeders.  Really need to make a video, but I don't have enough zoom to do that. The male goldfinches are already starting to show more yellow colouring.

 A very pastel shot.

And this is what they sound like!
(The creaky sound is just the screen door.)


  1. Love the goldfinches all in a row! So nice to see them turning yellow. I saw a flock of 20 or so male red winged blackbirds near Moose Creek. Spring is on its way!

  2. Amazing all those finches in a row on that line. Yes spring is coming soon, today we had a lovely sunny but cold day, time for rose pruning.

  3. We have some finches here. I loved the video of the sound, but so much snow! We are very warm here. I feed my siskins sunflower seeds.