Sunday, February 28, 2016

Winter Plants

I almost killed this African violet when I over watered it during the Christmas holidays. I guess I was a bit distracted with other stuff.  To try to get it back on track, I let it dry out, and then only gave it a very light watering for a few weeks with a dilute 10-52-10 fertilizer.  Slowly, it put out some healthy green leaves, and now it is blooming.

A dear friend gave me the pretty porcelain dish, and I thought the pink polka dot plant would look nice in it.  I set the plant in a plastic baggy with holes cut in the bottom corners, and then squeezed it into the pot.  I'm hoping that will provide enough drainage if I am careful about the watering. The plant will outgrow this location in a few months, but then I can find a new home for it elsewhere.

1 comment:

  1. I love the pot and the flowers you chose to show it off. The African Violets either love their environment or don't. I think it will be very happy with your fertilizer. We also moved an old plant and fed it yesterday. Spring is coming?