Tuesday, February 2, 2016


 Here are a few photos from the Viking exhibit at the Museum of History.  This is a stone which depicts the life story starting with people in a Viking ship that has a large sail aloft. Further up is a battle scene, a funeral scene and finally crows over the dead person.

 Perhaps the Vikings would have looked like this fellow.  The Vikings, although renown for their raids, were primarily farmers.  Around 800 AD, they deforested Iceland using up the wood for houses, barns, ship and fuel.

They used coloured beads a lot in their jewelry, and the metal work is quite detailed.

 They liked to keep their treasures locked up, and this is a great collection of keys.

I was struck by how much this textile looks like South American cloth.  What a strange collection of animals! The black one at the top looks like a llama, but the Vikings had cows, sheep, deer and pigs.

The replica ship I saw in short video had a big horizontal sail like the one above which is made up of small panels.  The ship moved very quickly through the water, but I was surprised how close to the water the gunwales were in spite of the high curved front of the boat.

 A very odd relief with what look like, at first glance, octopi. I'm not sure what they are supposed to be.  The other stone has runic writing on it.
The original snakes-and-ladders game?
The exhibit didn't include anything about the Vikings landing in Newfoundland in 1000AD, but I think they were focusing on the 800s.

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  1. Very exciting to see these artifacts. A beautiful museum. So many places I would love to travel.