Saturday, January 23, 2016

Surviving a Snowstorm

This is not a current picture but it serves the purpose of the snowy theme.
A very serious blizzard is taking place in the US with some places receiving 3' of snow, and whiteout conditions because of the wind.  New York and Washington have basically shut down for a few days as they deal with the storm.
BBC on the Internet had some shots of the snow (as well as some cheerful high school kids from North Dakota stuck in Pennsylvania who are used to worse weather than this) and wrote a reasonable article about the storm. But at the end of the article, they had tips on how to survive a bad winter storm.
OK, all you Canadians, judge for yourselves how good these tips are:
1. Have at least 3 gallons of drinking water per person, per day.
    my note: make sure you have at least one bathroom per person

2. Tape bubble pack to your windows.
    my note: bang your head against the wall because you never bought twenty rolls of bubble pack last time you went shopping.

3. Use your dog to measure the snowfall.
     my note:  Sorry Jaws.  I know you only measure about 18" high but I'm supposed to throw you into the 3' snowdrift.  Maybe I'm supposed to time how long it takes  you to surface.

Oh, well.  The tips were good for a laugh.
The US officials gave the best piece of advice: Stay home!


  1. Those tips are wonderful; I wouldn't expect anything less from the BBC! Stay warm.