Sunday, January 10, 2016

Angora Collar

This is an angora collar, or small scarf, that I just finished knitting with some 100% angora from  The photo doesn't show it up, but there are nice variations in colour (light browns) due to the natural colouration of the rabbits.  The yarn is quite tightly spun so that it doesn't have as fuzzy a bloom as some angora, but it also hardly sheds at all. 
I am not one to make New Year's resolutions such as losing weight or getting fit, but I do like to set myself some goals for the year.  This year I want to do more knitting of my own patterns and try out some more exotic yarns.  My other goal is to sort through stuff that's hiding all over the house.  You know, all those treasures that just accumulate over the years. I want to shift at least a garbage bag a week - some of it destined for the thrift shop, some the garbage.  At the end, the house will feel more organized and spacious.


  1. Sorting out stuff hiding all over the place is a thing which I need to do too. Your knitted angora collar looks nice and warm, good for the cold days.

  2. I bet the collar feels cosy and warm. I have been gradually cleaning my closets and can't believe I still have too much STUFF.