Friday, January 15, 2016

Spider Plant and Statice

 I have a small spider plant, that my daughter gave me, that sits on the kitchen windowsill.  I have a special fondness for spider plants as I had a big one in the early days of married life.  It had lots of bobbley baby plants that hung like a mobile, but the one I have now is in a small pot and I am trying to keep it small, sort of a spider plant bonsai, I guess. I have nothing against large spider plants, but I don't have a good spot for one right now.

I always liked the fresh green stripes of the leaves.  And spider plants are virtually indestructible.    They seem to me to be the quintessential hippie plant - freewheeling and friendly.

Last summer, I grew some statice.  It's been nice to have the dried bouquets to add a little colour to the winter days.
Our winter has been pretty benign this year.  Hard to believe that we are already halfway through January.

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  1. Ah! I ought to grow some statice this coming year! Good idea!