Sunday, February 22, 2015

Give Away

 Since I am bidding farewell to middle age this week (I'm turning 60), I thought I would offer a give-away to anyone who wants it.

 These four photos will be made into photocards and sent to you if you leave a comment on this post.

 I would also be happy to substitute other photos from the blog posts if you prefer. Just give me the title of the post and a description of the photo.

Send your mailing address to me at:


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to you! I turn 60 on the 19th March. when you say we are leaving middle age what exactly do you mean? surely not entering old age?

  2. Happy Birthday - I'll gladly have year 59 again if you're done with it!

  3. Turning 60 isn't all that bad. (Take it from one who knows.) But these days I think it's still middle age. :)