Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gardening Friends

One of the great things about gardening is the people you meet who share the same delusional fantasies about it as you do. (Although in fairness to Susan, who made me this lovely diarama several years ago, her gardens actually do look pretty much like the seed catalogue photos, so I guess she is just realistic). But for a lot of us, the summer realities fall well short of  the winter dreams.  Nevertheless, we plan and compare notes and are ever hopeful.
Come spring when I walk around the garden, I will see plants that friends gave me, and it is always so special to remember those gifts. Some of the perennials go back 35 years .
Gardening isn't just about plants.  It's about people and sharing.


  1. What a sweet diorama! I love the idea of finding gift plants in the garden, unfortunately I tend to move too frequently. Perhaps when I move to my retirement home.

    Isn't it lovely to dream of spring in the depths of winter?

  2. How wonderful to have plants in your garden that friends gave you 35 years ago! That's truly amazing!