Friday, February 13, 2015

Did I Say It's Been Cold?

 You'd think after all these years that I wouldn't be surprised at very cold weather (-20s C) in February.  Intellectually, I understand that the first couple of weeks of February can be frosty, but in my heart when I see the sun shining stronger, and feel the days getting longer I keep believing that winter is getting to the end.

 Rainbow thinking .  We are still in the middle of winter.

Ice sculpture season at the carnivals.

Snowball weather.

Frostbite warning weather.
But I have new plants growing - basil in a pot and some statice that sprouted in one day (must have been excellent seed that I got from Richter Herbs). And I've planted up more flowers and some onions.  It is so cheering to have fresh green stuff growing in the winter.

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