Friday, October 3, 2014

Before The Rain

 I thought I'd better get out and take some fall colour pictures today as it's going to rain tomorrow, which will knock a lot of the leaves off the trees.  I never get tired of the fall colour even though I've seen them every fall for how many years? So beautiful against the intense blue of the October sky.

 The colours are not quite as intense as the last couple of years, but the trees have held on to their leaves longer.

Different types of maples will turn different colours ranging from red to orange to yellow.

 A maple bush in the distance that the farmer sometimes taps for syrup.  The brown foreground crop is soy beans that were hit with an early frost a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully, the beans are still usable for something.

 In the foreground, corn that is being left to dry in the field.  Sometimes the corn isn't harvested until December after several hard frosts.

 More corn shimmering in the sun.

 Interesting how the colour is so uneven on this tree.

The red sumac bush has lost most of its leaves, but it was very red a couple of weeks ago.

All is not red and yellow.  The hay fields are still emerald green .

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  1. These colors are lovely. I like the fields and corn fields. We saw a lot of them in California. Harvest times vary of course due to weather. We have a frost warning tonight. I guess after it rained yesterday, I should get out also. Cleaning house so I can bring my better half home from surgery Wed. to a clean home. Enjoy the rest of autumn.