Friday, June 13, 2014

Spots of Colour

Hostas make wonderful ground cover, but sometimes all that green is just, well, too much green.  I have tried to break it up a little by interspersing a few  bits of colour.  A couple of iris poke through between the hostas.  Further back, a couple of pots of cosmos are tucked in between the hostas, their pots pretty much hidden by the arching hosta leaves.  The pots also act as a mulch keeping weeds at bay, and maintaining moisture in the ground.

The other day, I was surprised by a flying spot of colour.  A male ruby-throated hummingbird came by to get a drink from the hose as I was watering the garden.  After his drink, he positioned himself at the end of the spray and had a thorough shower, ruffing his feathers so the water could get everywhere.  Finally, he flew to a nearby branch and preened himself.  Then, off he went, all spiffed up and ready for some food.


  1. What a lovely spot. Hostas are so beautiful but I agree the color adds interest.

    I've not any luck attracting hummingbirds to my yard. Lucky you to see one so close!

  2. The green color leaves too looks like lotus. Very beautiful!