Monday, June 23, 2014

Canada Anemone and Astrantia

 Canada anemone is an attractive native plant that turns up in damp, sunny locations. 

 Clumps of it grow to about 18" high, and the spiky leaves are interesting structurally even when the flowers fade.

Astrantia (Masterwort) is not grown as commonly as some perennials, but it does well in a part-shade location with rich soil that stays moist. The flowers are  white with either a greenish , pinkish or reddish tinge. The blooms are about 1" across and occur in groups.  Each flower has a rounded umbel of small florets framed by papery heavily veined petals.

Clumps can be divided in spring and should be kept well-watered until established. It is hardy to zone 4.

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