Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some Interesting Paintings

 We visited the Courtald gallery in London and enjoyed their excellent collection.  We were allowed to take pictures so I decided to post some of the paintings that, to me, seemed a bit unusual. This one is by Claude Monet and reminds me of the Canadian Group of Seven paintings that were done in Algonquin park.  I had to take the photos on an angle to minimize glare.

 We've all seen the Sunflowers and the self-portrait minus an ear by Van Gogh, but this is a much gentler painting with lots of space and tranquility.

 Another painting by Monet.  Very simple, but so well done.

 I love this painting by Henri Rousseau.  Many of his famous paintings feature fantastic jungle scenes with tigers and other exotic animals, but this is a picture of where he worked as a customs collector.
 What an imagination he had!

I was really struck by the expression of this portrait by Gainsborough.  It is a picture of his wife and he managed to capture so much personality in the portrait.  Unfortunately, the glare detracts from the photo, but it is a very special portrait.

 This is the stairwell of the gallery.  It's as pretty as a picture.


  1. I love the VanGohn and Monet. I had not seen either of them. All of the pictures and stairwell are lovely. Thanks for continuing to share this trip.

  2. Love Monet. Thank you for sharing-I don't get to galleries as much as I would like these days. Still dreaming of a trip to Giverny!

    1. Yes, Monet is great, and he didn't just paint waterlilies!