Thursday, September 12, 2013

Regent Street and Buildings That Caught My Fancy -London

Regent Street really has to be experienced on the top of a double-decker bus.  Here the buses zing you around the long curve at a speed that seems much too fast, and you are sandwiched by wonderful row buildings on either side.
A couple of buildings near the National Gallery.

A classy fire escape.

Many of the buildings have lost their original ground level architecture, but this one looks like the real thing.

 Such a big city, but the sky is always there.

Of course, with carvings like these up high, you are always encouraged to keep your gaze skyward.

 A blurry picture as it was early evening and I was on the bus, but I liked the jumbled ensemble of old and new buildings.

 This lovely restaurant was on our way back to the hotel from the usual bus stop. They had a chalkboard sign trying to entice us in for breakfast or tea, and it was tempting, but we didn't go as our breakfast was included at the hotel and tea was too many empty calories.

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