Sunday, September 1, 2013

National Gallery - London

The National Gallery is another great stop in London.  Admission for the regular exhibits are free, and they have an excellent collection of paintings.  I'm guessing that they rotate the pictures fairly often as each room only had about 20 paintings representing a particular style or period. Again the collection is available online.  There is a great little cafeteria in the building that has healthy (well, except for the delicious desserts)tasty food for a very reasonable price.  A bookstore has a wide selection of art and art history books, as well as other gifts.
The wide open paved space in front of the gallery, which is deeper than it looks in the picture, has different buskers and sidewalk artists sharing their skills.

 A striking blue rooster just outside the gallery.  Not sure the significance of it , but it does catch your attention. It is by German artist Katharina Fritsch and will be on display for a year and a half, at which time someone else will get to display a sculpture on the base.

 Looking away from the gallery across Trafalgar square. Lots of buses as it is a major bus station hub.
I like all the colour in the scene - the buses, the people, the trees, the buildings, the water. And so many people just hanging out enjoying their day.

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  1. Love the rooster and the bottom photo with all the modern people and buses in the foreground with the historic buildings in the background.