Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Italian Water Garden-Kensington Gardens

 The Italian Water Garden in Kensington Gardens is always a pleasant place to spend a bit of time.

 Lots of carvings.

 Can't have a water garden without lilypads.

 We kept checking on a family of coots who live in the garden.  The babies were still rather bald and fluffy.

 Simple but so beautifully designed.

 So Victorian.

 Looking down the lake.

 Primroses, I think.

This is a bit of an odd scene.  The middle child has a gun, the child on the left is holding a dead bird, and the child on the rights appears to be holding the sheep's ear (sheep doesn't look too happy). When you first glance at it, it seems like a quiet pastoral picture, but on closer inspection, a more complicated scenario is at play.

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