Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On The Bank

I heard yesterday that Mr. Mark Carney is leaving his job as Governor of the Bank of Canada to head up the Bank of England. I find that an encouraging piece of news as I believe he is a smart man with a good head for economics.  They certainly could use some good leadership over in Europe and maybe he will be able to help them sort out the mess.  I read that he was born in the Northwest Territories.  Maybe all that pure Arctic air, wide open spaces and plenty of room to run around in got him off to a good start.  His father was a school principal and his mother, a teacher.  His wife is British so going back to England will probably be a positive thing for her.  Mark Carney went to Oxford for his MA and PhD so he is also familiar with the British way of life.  Anything that can be done to help Europe will also help Canada, so although we are losing a fine Governor of the Bank of Canada, we will still benefit from his expertise - just a little more indirectly.

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