Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No Room at the Blog

Blogger is again telling me that I've run out of room in spite of me carefully downsizing my pictures.  It seems everybody is getting the same message about no more storage. Hum ...
Anyway, for now I will just use this blog for words and I will keep trying to upload pictures as I did delete some older posts.  I will probably start a Wordpress blog for pictures.

I watched a  movie last night called Wit. It's a fictional story about a women's journey with ovarian cancer, from diagnosis to death.  Really well done. It is based on a play so the setting is spare, but the acting and script is excellent.  Touching and sad, but at the same time hopeful.

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  1. Jenny, I wonder if it is there way of getting us to buy space?? I posted a photo yesterday, and another one today from an earlier post. I think I will try to wait it out.
    Thanks for the movie review. I am always looking for something good to watch. We watched Outsourced on Netflix the other night. I laughed and enjoyed it very much.