Sunday, November 4, 2012


 The milkweeds always pop open in unexpected ways that are interesting to look at.

 The wild colours of October are over, but the subtle colours of November have their own attraction.
I like the soft beiges and faded greens mixed in with the cherry red of the dogwood.

 This is my burning bush - not exactly flaming!  That's because it doesn't get enough sun.  When I planted it, I didn't realize that the fall colour would be so dependent on a sunny location.  Anyway, it is still a good shrub and the very muted colour is  all right as long as I don't expect it to be a bold red, which I don't anymore.

Beech leaves. I love everything about beech trees - from the smooth grey bark and long outreaching branches to the coppery leaves that last into the winter.
We are in for a cold night of -7C.  May be taking pictures of ice tomorrow.  Hope you are all snug in your homes.

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  1. I especially love the photo of the leaves of the burning bush hanging down. It is such a November picture - captures the feeling beautifully. I agree with you about the colours of November - they have their own subtle beauty.