Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pardon Me Daylily and others

 The Pardon Me daylily has started blooming. It really is a rich red just like the catalogues promise.
 This Pink Double Delight echinacea is a perky, cheer-leader kind of flower.
 Coreopsis often gets a bit tangled with wind and rain but I like the markings on this Heavenly Gate's variety.
 The Jackmanii clematis is proving to be an incredibly durable, dependable flower.  Even in the shade, it is full of blooms. They say clematis like cool roots so maybe light is less important than the situation of the roots.
A wild very prickly thistle shows off it's pink topper. I don't like thistles in the lawn but in a natural space I really enjoy the structure of the plants and their bright flowers.

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