Monday, July 10, 2017

Lilies and Some Shade Plants

 I got the idea to plant some lilies in among pansies from somewhere online -possibly Fine Gardening. I popped the lily bulbs in the pot mid-April and the pansies early May. It's been so cool and rainy that the pansies are lasting longer than they normally would.
 On the left, the dwarf scarlet runner bean I started in March or whenever is blooming away.  A few beans are forming but the plant was flowering for several weeks before the beans starting being properly pollinated so no actual beans to harvest yet. Also the slugs are chomping on some of them. Anyway, the flowers are somewhat decorative.

 This orange lily used to be a hybrid tiger lily but it has reverted to a plain lily with just the fewest of spots at the center.  That's the trouble with some hybrids, they don't stay true. Still it's pretty as it is.

Most of my gardens are full of weeds this year and the flowers look sad from too much rain, so I decided to make a fresh bed today.  All the plants were half price. I planted a blue hosta, a green and yellow hosta, two heucherellas with reddish centers, three green heucheras, a cowslip primrose and the bushy plant in the middle is the yellow corydalis. We'll see how it survives winter but for now I have a little patch that's not full of weeds. This will hopefully inspire me to get weeding in the other gardens.
On another note, the other day I had Pepper, my horse, out eating grass near the house.  Little bunny arrived and for a few minutes they were eating about 6' apart. Bunny didn't seem to notice me at all.
Then a noisy truck went down the road and scared the bunny away. It would have made a very cute picture with the two animals munching on the grass together.

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