Saturday, February 11, 2017

Old Newspaper

Our local paper, The Glengarry News, is celebrating 125 years of publication this year. In honour of this occasion, they have reprinted the first published paper (a 4- page spread) dated February 4, 1892.
The first thing that strikes you is the small size of the print.  I put a current paper next to the old reprint so that the difference would be apparent. I guess paper was expensive so they crammed as much on to one page as possible.  Imagine doing the typesetting for that!
It's quite fun to read the old articles.  One is an action packed account of two trappers who were chased by mountain lions.  It reads like a novel.  And then there is a genuine piece of fiction which would have run over a period of time keeping the reader in suspense from one week to the next. This story takes place in the exotic West Indies.
I'm still working my way through the pages but I came across some interesting tidbits:
a story about little Prince George being in a huff and taking his clothes off under a dining table and emerging in the buff, an article speculating on why some people live longer than others- some things never change-, an item encouraging parents to not overstimulate their children, a cautionary tale about a woman who killed her two children probably because she became overly depressed from drinking excessive amounts of TEA. The range of topics is extensive from politics all the way to how to get married in Paris. 
In the classified section, ads promote a variety of lawyers. Just the same as today, enticing ads for potions to cure whatever ails a body proliferate and offer false hope. I like this ad:  Gentlemen requiring artistic Overcoats, Suits or Trousers should call at J. O. Simpsons. I was surprised at how competitive the local stores were with their sales: "We will sell for next to nothing", "The greatest clearing sale ever",  "We sell Leather Belting cheap"," If you are looking for a bargain".
I'm giving my eyes a rest, but eventually I will read the whole paper and enjoy all it's variety and liveliness.

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  1. I really enjoyed your article on the old newspaper. It was fun to compare it to what we see today. Now everyone is getting their news on TV and the internet. Some of the items in the newspaper were so similar to what we see today.