Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Bright November Day

 "More, please!"
 "The (Sweet) Old  Grey Mare"

 Should I horse-nap him?

 The beavers have been hard at work. The larger tree is about 5" in diameter.  Amazing how they can handle such large pieces of wood.

 They have made two dams that show in this photo and another one further down stream.

 A ghost leaf.

For some strange reason, this bi-colour phlox hasn't frozen like the other phlox.

Some thoughts: no government lasts forever,  no war lasts forever, no storm lasts forever.
History is a gift to us to help us with perspective. And as the Friendly Giant use to say, "Look up, look way up!"

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  1. I loved this peek into your November life and your words of wisdom! Thank you. S