Friday, June 10, 2016

Oriental Poppy and a few other flowers

It's time for the Oriental poppies.  I like the soft pink and frilly edge that this one has.

 The sun was low and making a nice pattern on the white cosmos.
 A new addition to the garden is Pink Fizz Foamy Bells (a heucherella). I prefer the heucherellas to the heucheras as they don't tend to pop out of the soil from the frost.  Their plant form is more like the tiarellas,( foam flowers), but the flowers are more like a heuchera.  They enjoy a shady spot as the leaves will scorch in a location where they get the hot afternoon sun.
 An old pink rugosa that is limping along in a much too shady spot, has produced a couple of pretty, fragrant flowers.
 Perennial cornflower makes a nice medium high clump. It's good for bees and butterflies.
Salad time.  I love being able to pick what I need for salad from the garden. So far we only have lettuce, onion,parsley, oregano, and radishes but soon I will start picking celery, and in July, hopefully tomatoes and cucumbers.

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  1. Wow that top photo is so soft and lush, I like the poppy. lots of great photos on your blog.