Friday, December 18, 2015

Tired of Brown

 I know there are many upsides to the mild weather we have been having -clear roads, less heat for our houses, fewer layers of clothes required, etc.  But I am getting really tired of brown.

 So here is a bit of colour for any of you who may also be feeling blue about the brown.

Chin up folks, spring will come again!

 Buy an amaryllis and bring some bright colour inside.

In three days, the days will be getting longer.  Yeah!

Would some sugar help?  No, best to just bury my nose in a seed catalogue :)


  1. Gorgeous. I almost brought home some cut flowers yesterday from the Fresh Market. The green wreaths are nice with their red bows, but these flowers are uplifting. I love your garden.

  2. What shall I say I hate the brown and grey colours of winter and love the vivid colours of summer, thank you to show us some lovely coloured flowers.
    Greetings, Janneke

  3. LOVE the colour you've shared with us!