Thursday, December 3, 2015

Starting with K

 Kale is not my favourite vegetable but I keep growing it because it's the only veg I can still pick in December.  What a stalwart!

I've been knitting.  Neck warmers in particular.  This one is knit with a yarn that has a bit of angora mixed with baby alpaca and fine merino wool -very soft, and stretchy.

The blue bottom of this one is a blend of acrylic yarn and mohair.  I thought the mohair might be a little scratchy on the neck, so the upper part is plain acrylic.  On a cold day, the upper part can be flipped up to cover your chin.


  1. So pretty, these keep you neck nice and warm in winter.
    Regards, Janneke

  2. A fine photo of the KALE, but I admit to never having tried it. I love the KNITTING, and wish I had a neck warmer some days. Love you colors and talents. What letter is next?