Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sun In November

November - my least favourite month.
But today is sunny and mild, and this dandelion and hoverfly would like me to believe that it's spring.

Several woolybears were out and about soaking up the warmth before the winter hibernation.

The tamarack (larix laricina) trees are still a lovely yellow.

The needles are starting to drop, though, and, in a couple of weeks,  they will be bare.  The genus larix is the only one that has needles that drop off in the winter.

The cones look rather like cedar cones.

The branches come out every which-way.
The name Tamarack is Algonquin for "wood used for snowshoes" which gives a clue as to the usefulness of this tree.  The wood is durable , yet flexible.


  1. Great post Jenny. That last one makes me think of the old fashioned snowshoes I have seen in the general stores and antique stores here in New England.

  2. Beautiful yellowing Larix and indeed November also is my least favorite month together with January when we have not enough frost to skate. Interesting you have so many of that woolybears out this time of year.